Submission Guidelines for Authors:

1-The manuscripts must be original and not published before.

2-One of the authors must be a member of the Turkish Agricultural Economics Association.

3-On the title page list the title of paper, the author(s), and complete addresses. The authors(s)? identification should not be repeated on the other pages of the manuscript.

4-Articles can be written in Turkish or English. However, an abstract (250 words) in Turkish must be provided for articles written in English.

5-Manuscript must be typed single spaced with margins of 3 cm all sides. Use 12 point Times New Roman font style and Word file.

6-Each table and figure must have a title.

7-For mathematical notations use right margin equation number.

8-List references alphabetically on a separate page. Please review a latest issue for the citations.

Editorial Communication:

Prof. Dr. Sait Engindeniz

Ege University

Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Economics

35100 Bornova-Izmir-Turkey


E-mail: editor [et]